• API functions include address entry, validation, correction, parsing, formatting and database query
  • Powerful search capabilities by postal code and full / partial and drilldown address components address line
    • Enter an address with as few as 8 keystrokes
  • Powerful address formatting options including:
    • Upper / lower case
    • French accenting
    • Preferred language - English / French
    • Unit designator format options - (leading / trailing) Eg. (12-35 Maple St / 35 Maple St Apt 12)
  • Reference database from authoritative sources
  • Runs on multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris and IBM AIX
  • API accessible from any development environment capable of calling an external function, including common development languages as well as PowerBuilder and Microsoft Office products
  • Includes Java classes for additional flexibility for application development including WEB–based E-commerce, registration, fulfillment, etc.
  • Developer's kit includes source code examples for Python, C#, Visual Basic, C/C++, CGI scripting and Java Servlets
  • Available in single and multi-tier implementations
  • RESTful API available for both SAS and on-premises solutions
    • Swagger page live documentation with full object descriptions


  • Super fast Typeahead/Auto-complete API available via SAS (see main page for live demo)
  • Zero customer footprint, transparent db updates


  • Client side user GUI (for Windows) provides on-line interactive address entry, correction and formatting to postal standards
    • Allows user override where no match can be found in database
    • Supports entry of non-North American addresses
    • Hotkey – StreetPerfect Windows Capture GUI application
      • Works with any Windows Application (including 3rd party) to access and benefit from powerful address entry tool
      • No development required – uses config file


  • Batch Processing with provided batch driver program
  • Performs Validation, Correction or Parsing
  • Input file support for CSV or fixed length files
  • Variable record template definition
  • Address formats including single line or component
  • Output address format
  • Exception report and data output customized based on user specifications including:
    • Correction suggestions
    • Report detail level
    • Output record status flag
    • Message numbers
    • Optional output datafiles
  • Full device, directory, file name path names for input and output files
  • Process log file created for audit purposes
  • Produces Statement of Accuracy (SOA) when used with CPC Point of Call Address (PoCAD) db
  • Access to CPC incentive rates through SERP recognition and Statement of Accuracy


  • StreetPerfect subscription enables monthly Canada Post database updates
  • Updates for all software and platforms
  • Access to StreetPerfect Support
  • Access to Web Support area -- Documentation, Incident Tracker, Downloads and Account Management
  • Access to SAS, including cloud-based Batch processing

License options

  • On-premises
    • Batch only
    • API access for Interactive / real-time validation
  • SAS
    • API access for Interactive / real-time validation