Address Accuracy Software

Our StreetPerfect Address Accuracy software is available for Canadian addresses. Canada Post Corporation recognizes the software as meeting its standards.

Integrating our software toolkit with your applications can provide online real-time address verification. It is used today by government, banks, retail, call centres, data compilers, service bureaus and others to improve customer service and data quality.

Applications and environments include order-entry, fulfillment, customer database maintenance, WEB-based E-commerce, self-service applications and IVR systems.

About this Example

This search control uses our typeahead API for each keypress, and typeahead/fetch when an address is selected.

  • Entering a number followed by street name will search general urban and rural street addresses.
  • Entering a unit and street number in the form aaa-bbb (hyphen between no spaces) will add the unit number to the search and response.
  • Entering "PO BOX xxx" will search PO Box addresses only. Where xxx is a PO Box number.
  • Entering "RR" or "SS" will search Rural Route Service addresses only.
  • Entering "GD" will search General Delivery addresses only.
  • You can type anything anywhere to search on city, street, prov and postal code.
  • If you select an address without entering a valid street address, you will receive warnings (which you would present to your users).


Robust API

Add auto-completion to your web site or application

Discrete real-time API's for validation, correction, parsing, formatting and query.

SAS or on-premise solution.

Save Money!

StreetPerfect can produce a Statement of Accuracy required to gain access to Canada Post incentive rates.

Batch Processing

Batch correct all your addresses in just a few minutes.

Automate via SAS or on-premise solution.

SAS Solution

StreetPerfect provides a cloud based SAS system.

Use Typeahead, Correction, Verification, Format and Batch without the time and expense of setting up an on-premises system.


StreetPerfect also provides software to run on-premises.

Both Windows and Linux platforms available.

Multiple API Kits

  • Python
  • C#
  • C/C++
  • Java
  • HTTP RESTful API - (both SAS and on-premises).

Postmedia Network Inc.

Postmedia Network Inc. is the largest publisher by circulation of paid English-language daily newspapers in Canada, representing some of the country's oldest and best known media brands. Reaching millions of Canadians every week, Postmedia Network engages readers and offers advertisers and marketers integrated solutions to effectively reach target audiences through a variety of print, online, digital, and mobile platforms.

History - a case study

Canada Post introduced the Address Accuracy Program in 1992. The purpose of the program was to increase the proportion of mail which could be processed and sorted mechanically by CPC. In return for increased mechanization, CPC customers receive incentive rates on their postage. The Toronto Sun was affected by this program at that time, since it owned The Financial Post newspaper. This paper was available across Canada outside of major metropolitan areas through a weekend edition subscription. In order to continue to access CPC incentive rates, we had to comply with the new address accuracy requirements.

This led to several important decisions:

  1. Since this was a new program, no commercial software was available and we decided to develop our own application and become CPC recognized. This occurred in 1993 and we have been a SERP recognized vendor ever since then.
  2. We recognized that the correct place to perform address validation is at data entry time. This meant integrating it with existing applications such as order-entry (circulation systems for us). Important design / architecture decisions were made at that time to allow us develop the application as a set of modules, designed to be integrated with other applications. This meant a software toolkit or API with a simple argument list. Today our databases maintained with StreetPerfect are over 97% accurate and they remain there without any additional processing required. All addresses are validated at entry time using the functionality that we developed.

Several benefits came about as a result of the on-line validation capabilities:

  1. Access to CPC incentive rates, saving considerable postage.
  2. Reduction in return mail, again saving postage and increasing customer satisfaction.
  3. More timely and accurate product delivery - critical considering the short shelf life of a newspaper. Invoicing could also benefit here, reducing outstanding receivable days.
  4. Improvement in order entry accuracy, reduction in call times, reduction in staffing requirements and increased customer satisfaction.