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StreetPerfect for Canadian Address Accuracy was developed in 1992 by The Toronto Sun Publishing Corp. Today we are part of Sun Media Corporation, a Quebecor company, Canada’s second-largest newspaper publishing company with daily newspapers in eight of the top ten markets in Canada. The Sun publishes 15 dailies and 175 community weeklies and specialty publications across Canada and in Florida.

Using StreetPerfect to interactively validate addresses and to batch validate/correct existing address records, the Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton and Calgary Sun newspapers have been able to maintain address accuracy in excess of 97%.

Canada Post Corporation (CPC) has implemented and manages a process called Software Evaluation and Recognition Program (SERP). The SERP program was created to evaluate address validation and correction software. Address validation software must accurately categorize an address as "valid" or "invalid". Address correction software must perform accurate address correction of those addresses attempted and reject non-correctable addresses without attempting correction. Today, StreetPerfect Address Accuracy software is recognized by Canada Post Corporation as meeting its standards. It has been implemented by governments, retailers, call centres, service providers, charities, data compilers and publishers to increase productivity and data quality, provide superior customer service and reduced costs.

StreetPerfect was developed as a software toolkit, with an Application Programming Interface (API) providing address management services for internal software applications. The API was developed to implement frequently required address functions. This approach allows modular access to all address functionality by adhering to a standard interface, passing in address components and receiving in return the required information from the API routines. This approach allows all address management to be localized in one place as well as allowing the same code to be used across all applications. StreetPerfect can be easily and quickly incorporated into existing applications including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resources (HR) and Order Entry (OE) to provide online real-time address verification.