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More than 50% of North American business transactions are handled via the telephone, making the call center industry a growing $80 billion sector. Today call centres are the front-line in customer service and support. Any application which is used to collect customer address information would benefit from the real-time address validation capabilities of StreetPerfect. Whether it is used to collect new customer information or modify existing data, StreetPerfect can add efficiencies to your department and an enhanced customer experience.

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StreetPerfect is on the list of software recognized by Canada Post Corporation. Use of Recognized Software in preparing mailing lists MAY assist the user to meet some of the requirements for incentive mailing rates. StreetPerfect will aid your business to deliver better customer service, faster billing, product shipments, fulfillment and customer relations. Using StreetPerfect may reduce the problems and costs associated with undeliverable or returned mail.



  More and more businesses and services are moving to the WEB. We can find pure E-Commerce applications, self-service functions where customers are provided the opportunity to request information or update their own personal data, registration applications for groups and memberships and many others. What all these have in common is the requirement to enter address data. StreetPerfect can be used to improve this data gathering process by enhancing the quality and reducing the time.